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Commercial Waste Management Solutions

Hodge Bros Ltd. offers various container types for your commercial waste management needs.  Including front loading dumpsters for more general waste, to Roll-Off containers for industrial waste management needs - both open top and covered top options available.

Services include delivery and pick up, dumping, and short term or long term rental options to suit your needs.  

Please contact us for further details and pricing to inquire which container and service suits your waste management needs best. 

DUMPSTER Container
(Front Loading)
Dumpster - Durabac, front loading
Approx 6 cubic yrd volume
Delivery:  $50/bin
(one time fee when delivering container)
Dump and/or Bin Removal$50 /bin
Bin Rental:  $100 per container per month 

Municipal Tariff:  $20/dump

Admin Fee:  10% of tariff
This container is intended for general  residential/domestic type garbage onlyNo wood or metal, as dump/pick up may be refused until sorted properly by the customer.
**All prices subject to HST

ROLL-OFF Container 
Roll-Off - Durabec
Approx 40 cubic yrd volume
(one time fee when delivering container)
Dump and/or Bin Removal$150 per bin per dump
Bin Rental$20/day

Municipal Tariff:  $95/ton

Admin Fee:  10% of tariff
This container is for larger residential and commercial Waste Management needs (ie construction/demolition, renovations, etc). 
Materials must be separated as follows:
  • Wood & building materials (woodframing, drywall, etc)
  • Metals (metal siding/roofing, scrap metal, etc)
Bins cannot have “mixed loads” of wood and metals as they will be refused at the dump site and returned to the customer for proper sorting.  
This bin is not for general garbage. Bins with general garbage mixed in with either metal or wood may be refused until sorted and removed by the customer.
**All prices subject to HST
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